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VX1000 GTR Olympic Barbell Bench

VX1000 GTR Olympic Barbell Bench

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Build muscle mass and tone up your body with the VX1000 GTR Olympic barbell bench. This solid and reliable piece of equipment benefits from a rugged one-piece construction, heavy duty Akimbo style uprights with 7 bar rest positions and an oversized bench pad providing sturdy support for your toughest workouts. To ensure a fully customizable workout, the bench has a 3-position backrest and a 4-position seat letting you quickly switch between decline, flat, upright (top position 74 degrees) and 6 incline settings. Plus, there are bar catchers with safety latches for added security during classic barbell exercises such as bench press, incline bench press, and shoulder press. This highly versatile, multifunctional weight bench features an adjustable preacher curl pad for effective bicep training and lets you target your hamstrings, quads and glutes using the padded 6-roll leg developer. The VX1000 is compatible with 7ft (213cm) standard and Olympic barbells and comes with an Olympic sleeve for the weight plate holder on leg developer. Increased comfort and protection is delivered by a 50mm (1.9”) thick padded high-density foam backrest and the bench can handle a maximum load of 270kg (595.2lbs) including the user.

Key features:

  • Robust one-piece bench design
  • Great for targeting major upper and lower body muscle groups
  • Easily adjustable 3-position backrest
  • Decline, flat, upright (top position 74 degrees), 6 incline positions
  • Adjustable 4-position seat
  • Olympic width
  • Heavy-duty Akimbo style uprights
  • 7 bar rest positions (10cm/4” increments)
  • Padded 6-roll leg developer for targeting your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes (the leg developer can be left in place when using the preacher pad and features a bar holder for use with the preacher curl exercise)
  • Detachable preacher curl pad, adjustable to 3 positions, for intensive bicep training (the preacher curl pad should be removed to use the leg developer and can be stored on a rear mounted peg when not in use)
  • Oversized bench pad
  • Bar catchers with safety latches
  • Weight plate holder on leg developer includes an Olympic sleeve
  • Rear mounted storage peg for tidy weight plate storage
  • Can be used with 7ft (213cm) standard and 7ft (213cm) Olympic bars
  • Oversized foam rollers
  • Excellent for developing strength and building muscle mass
  • Exercises: Bench press, incline bench press, shoulder press, incline bicep curl, preacher curl, leg extension, leg curl
  • 50mm (1.9”) thick padded high-density foam backrest
  • Heavy-duty steel tubing frame for solid durability and a stable feel
  • Finish: Durable powder coat paint
  • Frame Construction: Square 50mm x 1.5mm (1.9” x 0.06”), 44mm x 2mm (1.7” x 0.08”), rectangular 38mm x 76mm x 1.5mm (1.5” x 2.9” x 0.06”)
  • Gap Between Uprights: 106cm (41.7”)
  • Seat/Backrest Material: Tear-resistant duraguard vinyl
  • Backrest Dimensions: Length=83.8cm (33”), Width=30.4cm (12”)
  • Storage Peg Dimensions: Length=15.2cm (6”), Diameter=2.5cm (1”)
  • Dimensions: Length=152cm (60”), Width=107cm (42”), Height=155cm (61”)
  • Max. User Weight: 130kg (286.6lbs)
  • Max. Lift Load Capacity (Weight Bench): 140kg (309lbs)
  • Max. Load on the Weight Rests: 140kg (309lbs)
  • Max. Load on the Leg Developer: 60kg (132.3lbs)
  • Max. Load on the Preacher Curl: 60kg (132.3lbs)
  • Weight Capacity: 270kg (595.2lbs) (user + weights)
  • Weight: 44kg (97lbs)
  • Warranty: 2 years (must register within 28 days to get 2nd year)

[Please Note: The weight plate storage peg is suitable for standard 1” (2.54cm) weight plates. To store your Olympic plates, you can use an optional adapter sleeve (not included).]

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