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Strength System and Rubber Crumb Bumper Olympic Weight Set

Strength System and Rubber Crumb Bumper Olympic Weight Set

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The Viavito Strength System accompanied by the Rubber Crumb Bumper Olympic weight plate set brings the ultimate workout solution for smaller studios and weightlifters who want their personal space dedicated to training. The set features a utility bench with eight backrest positions (incline, flat and decline) and two seat positions paired with durable squat stands – a combination that can be efficiently used to establish a versatile workout routine that targets the core, torso, arms, abs, and shoulders and plenty of other exercises with alternatives pushing your muscles and results to the limit. The bench offers proper support and comfort thanks to dense padding, whereas the stands include storage pegs to keep your weight always in order. Furthermore, the set features a robust 7ft chrome barbel bar with knurling to ensure a confident grip, and a pair of collars to secure the plates from falling off. The bundle features a broad selection of SBR crumb bumper rubber weight plates - enough to push your training further and challenge the muscles appropriately. The plates are moisture, cold and impact-resistant, plus they produce minimal bounce and sound when dropped to ensure the best possible workout experience without losing focus. The plates are made from recycled rubber and feature both colour-coded detailing, as well as embossed weight marks to ensure easy identification. The Viavito Strength System makes a wonderful choice for establishing a small, efficient and personalised training space, involving weightlifting at any level of proficiency.

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