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ST1000 Adjustable Squat Stands with Barbell Spotter Catchers

ST1000 Adjustable Squat Stands with Barbell Spotter Catchers

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Sculpt your body and build muscle mass with the ST1000 adjustable squat stands with barbell spotter catchers. These heavy-duty stands with a robust steel construction can be adjusted to suit the width of your weight bar and feature adjustable uprights and safety spotters. The ST1000 stands have 12 rack levels and 6 spotter levels (5cm gaps). They are suitable for use with both standard and Olympic sized bars and boast an easy to use pin system enabling you to adjust height from 112cm (44") to 167cm (65.7"). The stands are great for squats and shoulder presses and provide safe and effective weightlifting sessions thanks to a stable H-shaped base and solid non-slip feet. They offer a load capacity of up to 140kg (308.6lbs) and let you keep your standard 1" (2.54cm) weight plates within easy reach thanks to front mounted storage pegs. Key Features: Heavy-duty squat stands Adjustable uprights and safety spotters Robust 2-piece steel construction 12 rack levels (5cm/1.9" gaps) 6 spotter

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