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PC1000 GT Power Cage

PC1000 GT Power Cage

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The PC1000 GT is a robust piece of weight training equipment designed to help you gain muscle and build functional strength. This solid and versatile power cage offers 14 bar height settings and can be used with 7ft (213cm) standard and Olympic barbells. Extra safety during free weight barbell exercises is ensured by a tough steel construction, two solid barbell rests and two adjustable spotter bars, whilst durable, non-skid feet guarantee a stable feel. This versatile power cage features a multi-grip pull up station for wide and narrow grip exercises including pull-ups and chin-ups. Perform squats to build explosive power and target your calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes, and use the PC1000 for classic barbell exercises such as shrugs, shoulder press, squats and chest press to significantly grow your body strength and mass. Ready to spot you during the toughest heavy weight workouts, the power cage enables you to perform barbell exercises safely and correctly. It can support a maximum weight of 330kg (727.5lbs) on the pull up station and 300kg (661lbs) on the weight rests and spotter bars.

Key features:

  • Multi-function power cage
  • Great for developing strength and building muscle
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Multi-grip pull up station allows both wide and narrow grip exercises
  • 2 x adjustable spotter bars for safe free weight training
  • 2 x robust barbell rests
  • Can be used with 7ft (213cm) standard and 7ft (213cm) Olympic bars
  • Exercises: Shrugs, squats, shoulder presses, chin ups, pull-ups, hanging leg raise, hanging knee raise
  • Stable base with anti-slip feet
  • Compact design
  • 14 height settings (10cm/4” increments)
  • Frame Construction: Square 50mm x 2mm (1.9” x 0.08”), Round 32mm x 2mm (1.3” x 0.08”); Round 25mm x 2.5mm (1” x 0.1”)
  • Finish: Electrostatic powder coat paint
  • Gap between Front and Back Uprights: 64cm (25.2”)
  • Gap between Front Uprights: 113cm (44.5”)
  • Spotter Bar Diameter: 2.5cm (1”)
  • Dimensions: Length=128cm (50.4”), Width=124cm (49”), Height=210cm (82.6”)
  • Maximum Weight Capacity (Pull Up Station): 330kg (727.5lbs)
  • Maximum Weight Capacity (Weight Rests/Spotter Bars): 300kg (661lbs)
  • Weight: 60kg (132lbs)
  • Warranty: 2 years (must register within 28 days to get 2nd year)
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