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Club Adept 2 Star Table Tennis Balls - Pack of 6

Club Adept 2 Star Table Tennis Balls - Pack of 6

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The Club Adept are 2-star table tennis balls suitable for regular training and recreational play. These 40+ non-celluloid balls are made from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic to provide improved roundness, elasticity, optimal hardness and added durability. The balls offer a good bounce and consistency of the trajectory. The Club Adept balls can be used in a robot or for multi-ball practice. They have a diameter of 40mm (1.6") and come in a pack of 6 balls. Key Features: 2-star table tennis balls Suitable for training and recreational play Great consistency Improved roundness Optimum playability and durability Stable bounce Cell free formula Size: 40mm (1.6") Material: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic Supplied in a pack of 6

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