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7ft Olympic Chrome Barbell Bar

7ft Olympic Chrome Barbell Bar

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Build strength and endurance using the 7ft Olympic chrome barbell bar. Great for gaining power and developing muscle definition, this solid and reliable 7ft (213cm) barbell bar features a knurled crosshatch pattern providing a strong and secure grip. It weighs 20kg (44lbs) and has a tough and robust steel construction with a triple-coat chromium finish to ensure enhanced durability and help to prevent rusting, chipping, scarring, and peeling. The barbell bar is compatible with 2" (5cm) Olympic weight plates and perfect for safe and effective strength training and weightlifting sessions. Plus, it can support up to a maximum of 320kg (705.5lbs).

Key features:

  • 7ft Olympic barbell bar
  • Chromium plated
  • Solid steel construction
  • Designed for use with 2"(5cm) Olympic weight plates
  • Great for strength training and weightlifting sessions
  • Knurled crosshatch pattern for an improved grip
  • Suitable for most home gym requirements
  • Highly durable and functional
  • Length: 7ft (213cm)
  • Diameter: 2" (5cm)
  • Max. Weight Limit: 320kg (705.5lbs)
  • Weight: 20kg (44lbs)
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