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2 x 0.5kg Wrist Weights

2 x 0.5kg Wrist Weights

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Strap on the 0.5kg wrist weights and increase the intensity and effectiveness of your workouts and activities. These two wrist weights are convenient to use and will suit activities such as walking, aerobics and step aerobics. They are made from soft neoprene material which ensures a comfortable fit that can be quickly and easily adjusted via the secure Velcro closure and buckle. The weights are supplied as a pair with each one weighing 0.5kg (1.1lbs) and they look great with their eye-catching red and black design.

Key features:

  • Wrist weights increasing workout intensity and effectiveness
  • Suitable for walking, aerobics and step aerobics
  • Very convenient to use
  • Soft neoprene material offering a comfortable fit
  • Secure Velcro closure with a buckle
  • Stylish, eye-catching design
  • Dimensions: Length=25cm (9.8”), Width=10cm (3.9”), Height=6cm (2.4”)
  • A pair of wrist weights each weighing 0.5kg (1.1lbs)
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